Boarding Information & Requirements
Licensed and Inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture

Flea & Tick preventative

                         All Pets will be checked before entry into the Kennels for Fleas or Ticks Please start flea treatments (i.e. Frontline,  Advantix) BEFORE your Boarding Dates. No Pet will be admitted with active Fleas or ticks. If we find fleas we will administer Capstar for $20.

To protect our guests, we require the following current up-to-date vaccines:

                      Rabies (canine & feline)
                      Bordetella (canine)
                      DHLPP (canine Distemper/Parvo) 
                      FVRCP (feline distemper)
                      FeLV (feline leukemia)
                      State law requires us to have a hard copy of all vaccination records. A vet's fax is acceptable.

Your Pet's food
​                All food must be in an air tight container. No dog food bags 20lbs or larger please. 

                      We will administer topical medication that you supply - vitamins, heartworm preventative,                            aspirin, flea tabs, etc. no extra charge.
​​​Bedding & Toys
                      We furnish Snoozy pads and/or blankets for all pets. Bedding (washable) and toys from home                        are welcome too.
​Tours and Visits
                         We'd be glad to show you around. Just give us a call. We are unable to give tours on                                       Saturday or Sunday. You are welcome to bring your pet in to meet us too.
Payment Policy
                         We accept cash or check for payment.                     

Cancellation Policy
We have been very lucky to have clients understand that having a reservation means we are booking and planning for your pet for the period of time you specify/request to us. Many times customers forget our facilities are limited, we are a small, seasonal business and we do become full! When we reach our total requested occupancy capacity, we have to refuse reservation requests and turn business away. We get reservations/book full and keep a waiting list for all holidays and almost 50% of the weekends of the year, so as soon as you know you don’t need your spot, or your dates/schedules change, please let us know. This allows us to offer that spot to someone else in time for them to make plans to go away also.
We do not require deposits for reservations. However, clients who fail to provide us with at least 24 hours notice for a cancellation or if you fail to show up for your boarding appointment, there will be a required deposit for your pet's next stay. As a courtesy, clients should provide at least 3 days in advance for normal dates and 10 days in advance for holidays. If you would like to pick up your pet early we need 48 hours notice or you will be charged for a full stay. This policy allows us to serve ALL clients fairly, keep your costs minimized and provide the best service to everyone.

Thank You for your cooperation and understanding!

Our Rates & Policies

Pricing is Per Pet
$23.50/day per dog
$22.50/day second dog in separate run
$45.00/day 2 dogs same run
Includes: Meals, fresh water, bedding, and 2 potty breaks.

Pricing is Per Pet
$14.50 day/per cat​​​​​

Please Inquire

Extra potty break $3
Individual playtime 15-20 minutes $7
Nature Walk 15-20 minutes $7
Kong toy stuffed with peanut butter $3
Frosty Paw treat $3